Professional Theatre Photograpy

Capture the drama

After all the rehearsals, the set building, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into every show to deliver something special

for your audiences, we can capture the essence of your show whether it’s in the west end or the local school stage.

We create compelling promotional images for your programs, advertising and social media, or just beautiful memories of your latest starring role.

We normally shoot at technical or dress rehearsals and look to include the show itself, cast photos as well as behind the scenes images.


We can turn images around quickly so they can be used for press and pr before your show launches or they also work well for promotion on your website.

Professional Theatre VIDEOGRAPHY

Relive the performance

Where the production licence allows we are able to offer multi-cam videography of your production, again usually filmed during a dress rehearsal to give you a permanent recording of your production. We can provide either streaming or DVD options for distribution.

Let Us Cover your Next Production!

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